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I’ve been single for a month now… kinda starting to dig it and totally rocking these hickys like trophies

wanna send me all your codes that are on the bottlecaps/inside the boxes for coke products? (powerade and minute maid stuff too) …. I’ve been drinking too much soda lately so I figured i’d start using “my coke rewards”.

I know half of you are sitting at your computer drinking a coke as we speak.

Help a lady out?

Oh speaking of life not sucking… I’m going to be shooting a shit ton of guns on Sunday on a friend of a friend’s property… I’ve never shot an assault rifle. This is going to be a blast.

I will be certified in animal healing through reiki in one month… I get to work with llamas, sheep, pigs, and all sorts of baby farm animals during my class. I can hardly contain how excited I am. I have done more with my life in this one month than i have in four years. I miss being independent… Playing Housewife was nice for a while but after the person you are doing it for stops caring about you it really blows, and he stopped about a year ago.

I got promoted to ‘Director of Social Media’ at my job and this could be a big thing for me. It would REALLY help me out if you didn’t mind liking the facebook page for the dog daycare I work at!!

Arbor Dog Daycare